Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie's Visits Master's Italy by Red Phoenix

The strength of Brie relationship with Master is tested in this part of their journey.

Her parents are not happy about her new "boyfriend", and Brie meets Sir's first love face-to-face in Italy.

In this tale, Brie faces her greatest fear, but does it grace and determination. Her love is true and she will do anything to please her Master - even if it costs her everything.

Little does Brie know, there is an incredible birthday planned for her...

Excerpt from Brie Visits Master's Italy

Sir uncorked the old bottle with a satisfying pop and took a long sniff, closing his eyes to take in the bouquet. “Amazingly, it is still sweet.” He lifted the bottle up and nodded at the sky before taking a swig. “Ahh… that’s fine wine, PapĂ .”
Sir walked over to Brie and shared the drink with her by taking another long draught from the bottle before kissing her. Red wine flooded her mouth with hints of musky berries and vanilla. She smiled when he pulled away. “That’s delicious, Sir.”
He cupped her breast and raised his eyebrow. “This is how I plan to enjoy his gift.” Sir poured the red liquid onto her breast and leaned in, sucking on her nipple seductively. He lifted her wrists from the branch and untied her before forcing her down on her knees. He poured the wine over his cock and ordered, “Suck me.”
Brie smiled, grateful for the chance to please her Master. As much as she enjoyed playing the spoiled princess, her joy was in pleasuring him. 

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