Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Submits to her Master by Red Phoenix

It's in this second book that I get to show you the other side to the trainers and Dom/Dommes Brie worked with during her six-week course. You see, it's a whole new world when you aren't the student.

Having been a teacher for most of my life, I've experienced the difference in professional instructors when they enter the teacher's lounge. It can be very entertaining!

We all knew hearts were broken the night Brie made her choice, and now we get to see how that plays out for each of the Doms not chosen.

Excerpt from Brie Submits to her Master:

“Instead of a blindfold, I have something more romantic.” He opened the white box and pulled out a huge red rose. He lifted it to his nose and smelled it, smiling at her. Then he put it under her nose and she breathed in its sweetness. He rubbed the soft petals against each nipple, then crushed the flower in his hand. “Close your eyes.”
Brie did as he asked and felt the cold, velvet petals fall on her eyelids.
“A slight turn of your head and they will fall away. You are in complete control of this session, even though you are figuratively blind and bound.”
Brie’s chest was rising and falling rapidly. He hadn’t even started yet and she was a delicious mess.
She heard him unsnap the lock on the metal box. He began riffling through, chuckling softly to himself. She heard him lay several items on the table, then shut the case.
“The human brain is a hotbed of imagination, capable of taking a simple stimulus and magnifying it many times greater than it is. I am going to leave you here, téa. Let your mind run wild.”
She whimpered when she heard him walk away.

“This is my gift to you,” he said before shutting the door.

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