Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Learns her Power as a Submissive by Red Phoenix

By this point I had growing fans of the Brie series and decided to give them a more empowering taste of the submissive mindset. Brie isn't just training to be a submissive, she's discovering herself in the process.

This happens to be a favorite cover of mine. I see the power in her tears, the moment of realization that this was who she was meant to be...

She is about to come face to face with the man who has scared her during training. Little does she know that he will help her to excel in her new-found role.

Excerpt from Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive:

"Give in to the sensation. Embrace it.” She heard the movement in the air before she felt the impact. A loud thud echoed in her head. This time, she whimpered softly. Although his swing had been a little harder, it left her feeling warm.
“Yellowish green.”
He chuckled. “I think you are properly warmed up, pearl.”
He moved away from her and then the sound of Mozart suddenly filled the auditorium. He placed something in front of her and said, “Lean against it. You’ll need the support when you enter subspace.” She leaned her chest against what must have been a stool.
He stood behind her and said soothingly, “Enjoy the ride.”
She took a deep breath, feeling almost lightheaded. There was no fear, only excitement for what was about to happen. 

Fan made quoted pic for Brie Learns Her Power

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  1. I love Marquis and they way he engages with Brie. I loved this scene.

  2. Marquis Gray is one of my favorites next to Tono in this series. The way you expressed the reason for the cover clarifies a lot. Now I see the power in it...and the beauty.

  3. I love this scene. Would love to experience the flogger from Marquis!

  4. Loved this book Marquis gray was such a strong character

  5. I think this is one of my favorites in the series. I feel this is a pivotal point for Brie when she realizes she's really a submissive and any questions she had before now have been answered.