Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Sexy Quotes From The Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Sensual Pics Bring Brie to Life

Now that fans have read through the entire Brie Series, they are coming up with more and more quotes. (No spoilers posted here!) According to my fans, one can gain a lot by reading it a second or third time.

Me? I am thrilled to see my words come to life! Actually, I am in awe...

Please sit back and enjoy the experience of Brie brought to you by fans of The Submissive Training Center.

~Red Phoenix

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  1. Red, thank you so much for giving us the Brie series! Its my favorite and has introduced me to all of your work. Will a 4th book be coming out for the Blissfully series? What can we look forword to next from you? I anxiously await your next work and 2013 to come for more Brie!!!

  2. Booklover, thanks for the comment and questions!

    I am currently writing Blissfully Taken, the last of the Blissful series. I have a new series I am working on(top secret) and hope to have the Varick sequel out by the end of the year.

    The Brie series will be made into an eBook collection, as well as published in paperback form. I also plan to publish the Sensual Erotica collection in paperback as well as Blissful when it is complete. So much happening over here, my head is spinning. But in a happy I'm so dizzy kind of way. ;)

    ~Red Phoenix

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  4. So sad to not hear from Brie. Such a neat character. A kind and gentle soul. Mary remained true to original self in other words a beotch! Faelen needs to grow up!