Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Teasing Begins for Brie #4 (After Graduation) by Red Phoenix

My dear blog followers, I realized today I was getting behind on the quotes. I started writing Brie #4 the following day after publishing Brie's Russian Fantasy. Without further ado, here are the next batch of teasers:

She concentrated on [Master's] breathing instead. It eased her into slumber—the reassuring force of his presence. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

[Master] opened the lid reverently and smiled. He held up a simple rod with an iron ‘T’ and twirled it between his fingers. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Becoming a submissive was a complex journey—one that not only involved facing fears and pushing limits, but also encouraged the pure joy of self-discovery. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Inside were the pearls that he’d given Brie the night he’d scened with her as ‘Khan’. He placed the strand around her neck, letting it hang between her breasts. “Perfection.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “No matter how this affects our lives, I am proud to stand with you in this moment.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

She looked at him demurely. “Whatever is your pleasure, [Master].”
You are my pleasure, téa,” he answered, gathering her into his arms. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4) 

“Take off your top.”
 Brie ignored the stranger standing beside her and undid her ties, letting the corset fall to the ground. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Even his mouth was rough—biting, probing, sucking… but she loved the carnal feel of it.
“Yes!” she cried, “Devour me, Master!” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie, #4)

Unlike Marquis’ gaze that bore into her soul, his called to her like a perilous song, inviting her to lose herself completely. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

“Today you will learn a favorite Kama Sutra position of mine. It's challenging in its depth.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)


I was a little wicked and played a trick on fans April 1st by posting this little scene. (It is a JOKE)

Her father looked at [Master] sternly. "We should talk in the other room."

"Certainly," [Master] said, getting up from the couch. He gave Brie a reassuring smile as he left.

"Shut the door behind you," Brie's father ordered as [Master] followed him into the study. The instant he shut the door, her father pinned him against it, growling hoarsely into his ear, "Dominate me..."

Oh, I do like to have my fun! ;) ~Red



  1. Thank you Red for interacting with your fans in so many ways. I love that I am able to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and your blog/Sensual Erotica. I love all your updates and anxiously await your next release. Happy writing! :)

  2. I just got and finished Brie's Russian Fantasy in one day. I couldn't believe the ending. I totally read it twice. You are such a tease! When is the next one coming out? I am anxious to hear about what might happen next between Brie and Sir. How many are going to be in this series?
    Thanks for the amazing books. Keep them coming!