Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Follow Your Calling: Red Phoenix

Brie - art by Nicole Delfs

If you know in your heart what you were meant to do, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I was told by plenty of editors that (although I have a good "voice") I wasn't publishable. After enough rejections, I believed them.

But I could not stop writing...

So I found a way to self-publish (Smashwords) in order not to invest any of my family's income to realize my dream. Even then, I received HARSH reviews - enough to break one's spirit - except that I needed to get these stories out even if people hated them. :)

So I kept at it, writing what poured out of my heart. * The fact there are actually readers who appreciate my work has been delicious icing on the cake.

What I Have Learned:

Believe in yourself. You are here on this beautiful planet for a reason, with a purpose/s only you can achieve. Others may do something similar, but only you can do it in a way that is uniquely and wonderfully you.

And I don't care what your calling is, be it: teacher, mechanic, garbage collector, cashier, nurse, barista, waiter, mother, cook, writer, accountant, CEO, volunteer, etc. All are important, all are needed! No calling is more worthy than another, they are just different paths to the same end - contentment & satisfaction. You deserve both. <3


Red Phoenix is the author of:

* Brie Learns the Art of Submission
* Blissfully Undone
* Sensual Erotica: The Erotic Love Story of Amy and Troy

Novellas -
* His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages
* Varick: The Reckoning

Novelettes -
* Play With Me at Noon
* In 9 Days/ 9 Days and Counting
* The Keeper of the Wolf Clan
* And Then He Saved Me

Current series of Brie Novelettes (After Graduation - Started Jan 2013) -
* Brie Pleases her New Master #1
* Brie Submits to her Master #2
* Brie's Russian Fantasy #3


  1. I'm glad you didn't stop. I have truly loved escaping into the worlds you create. I didn't realize my soul/spirit needed to be fed something different. I live in a conservative environment so reading your stories really felt taboo to me but I loved every one. Then I found the fan pages on Facebook and now feel more normal for enjoying what you write. It's pure escapism which always leaves me happy at the end, something much needed in this crazy world we inhabit. Thank you again for being brave and following your heart.

  2. Thank you Red for the inspiring words! Very happy you didn't give up! You are one of my favorite author's and your books (especially Brie's series) have been a wonderfully eye opening experience for me. I wish someone would turn your Brie books into a movie or even a mini series. I think that would be awesome! Love it and please keep up the great work and continue to provide us with your great books!

  3. Thank you for not giving up. Your fans love you :)

  4. I'm also glad you didn't give up. I wait each month on pins and needles for you next release and I've enjoyed everthing I read from you thus far. Thanks for the encouraging words you are an inspiration. I also agree that the series should be a mini series on HBO or one of those other movie channels.

    Keep up the good reads Red Phoenix.

  5. You were a big inspiration to me last year and I'm about to self-publish my 6th novelette! I enjoy reading about your self-publishing journey plus your books :-)

  6. at some point when Sir is vulnerable Brie needs to say (to him): "With all of my heart and soul I love Thane Davis, who is my "Sir" and my "Master."

    I loved the forest love scene in this latest Russian visit segment, can't wait for the next.