Monday, August 3, 2015

Enter to Win the 3rd Novel - Brie Masters Love in Submission by Red Phoenix

Special Giveaway For Fans!

Brie Masters Love in Submission by Red Phoenix    Out Sept. 21st!

Because of a family crisis, I've been missing the last few weeks. Just in case you missed one of the hints, here are the first 5.

#1 A Little Rope Play
#2 A Little Garden Fun
#3 A Little Christmas Kink
#4 A Little Cowboy Charm
#5 A Lotta Russian Heat
Hint #6 comes out today

The third novel for the Brie series releases Sept 21st! For a chance to win 1 of 3 Signed Paperbacks, all you need to do is keep a running list of the 8 hints. (I'll be asking for it in a few weeks.)

* Hints can be found by checking the pre-release Brie Masters Love in Submission on Amazon, B&N, iTunes or Kobo each week. (No purchase necessary)

Keep checking, my friends, the official cover is coming soon. :)





* MrRed and me at my son's wedding last month.

The day of the wedding was beautiful. I've been looking forward to it for a long time and my son and his bride were positively glowing on their special day - they are so in love with each other.

Sadly, something unfortunate happened after the ceremony that has affected our family deeply. Despite what's occurred, the fact remains it was a touching ceremony and the smile on our faces clearly shows how happy we were that day. A lovely moment caught in time...

It cheers my heart!

~Red Phoenix

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