Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"I Googled It, Sir" and Brie Series Merchandise for Red Phoenix

Collectible Magnets that will take your breath away!
I believe it's my duty as author and creator of the Brie Series to test out and play with all the goodies I have for sale.

I am happy to say that I could not be more tickled with what Zazzle and Cafe Press have done to make Brie a reality!

Yep, that's me with the mug!

From  the artful magnets that Nicole Delfs created for the Brie Series to a fun mug that is now my most favorite in the world!

Two-sided keychain

I also purchased the keychain, and look totally sexy and hot wherever I drive the car!
Brie Buttons in all sizes

I bought the smallest buttons and attached them to my purse strap. Now I have to admit, I really enjoyed playing with them because they make such cute sounds in your hands, but they style up my purse quite nice.

But the thing that gets the most attention is my "I googled it, Sir" tee!

Shirt shown is the Jr. Spaghetti Tank

To purchase any of the Brie and Phoenix items featured here, please visit Zazzle by clicking:

To purchase "I googled it, Sir" tees, please visit CafePress by clicking: 


  1. If you need any live models, chica, you know who to call! :) I could google all day long for you!!!!



  2. Everything looks terrific. As soon as I can afford it, I'll be ordering :)

  3. you are like me with the shirts :) they make the girls look good.

  4. Love all of the merchandise! Unfortunately my girls would never look THAT good no matter what I'm wearing! LOL!!!

  5. Great pics Red! All of the merchandise looks great and you fill out that shirt quite nicely :)