Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introducing the Brie Characters by Red Phoenix

An Artful Interpretation

Brie Bennett - finds her submissive calling
If you love the characters of the Brie Series, then you will enjoy the creative interpretation Nicole Delfs brings to the table. Each creation represents the individual characters you have grown to love.

Brie Bennett - a sub embracing her true calling. The posture defines her nature and the fiery phoenix represents her birth into her submissive callling.

Sir Thane Davis -  headmaster of the Submissive Training Center and Brie's love interest. The lion, strong and powerful - master of the school.

Tono Nosaka - the Kinbaku master who wants Brie for his own. The elegant dragon represents his noble character and Japanese heritage.

Marquis Gray - master of the whip and supporter of Brie. The hawk sees all and is a fierce hunter.

Mary Quite Contrary - a sub struggling to come to terms with her past. The dark bordering speaks to a past that threatens to strangle her future.

Lea Taylor - a big-boobed sub with a fun loving spirit and a joke always handy. She has fairy nature that Brie finds endearing.

Blue Eyes Faelan - the boy pursuing Brie like a young wolf, doing whatever it takes to win his Blossom's heart and claim her devotion.

* You can find each in both Magnet and Button form at the Red Phoenix online store:


  1. Those are amazing. I love them. You are very talented and creative Nicole.

  2. Thats pretty darn cool =) I like them!

  3. Breathe takingly beautiful and they brilliantly capture each character. Well done Nicole.

  4. Very cool! Wonderful work,Nicole! :)

  5. Wow, they're great!!! I would love a t-shirt with Brie's design on!! :D

    1. Samantha,

      That is an excellent idea. I will talk to Nicole and see if she can't modify it for a tee. :)