Friday, February 15, 2013

Let the Teasing Begin - Red Phoenix

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy teasing my beloved fans. In between each novelette I indulge in a lot of teasing. I tend to post quotes that I've written the day before so my fans are on the same page as I am. I also tend to leave names out so that minds can wander.

I realized that my dear blog fans miss out on my ruthless entertainment, so I am bringing a little of the fun your way. I hope it makes the waiting sweet... torture. ;)

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I am currently working on the New Brie #2 (After Graduation). Here are a few quotes to wet your appetite:

Brie’s chest rose and fell rapidly. He hadn’t even started yet and she was a delicious mess. ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

He finally stopped at the end of the hall. They couldn’t be any farther from the others—no one would hear her if she screamed. "Tonight's training begins." (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

“You’re supposed to be pleasing your Master, girl. You have no business being here!” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

“I did my best not to lead you on.”
"But it made me want you all the more. You felt the chemistry between us, you can’t deny it.”
(~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

There was something incredibly sexy in the exchange of pleasure and pain with her Master. ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

She cried out, overcome the sensation of his electrified touch. Then he did the unthinkable… (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)    

"To prepare yourself, every other hour you will remove a piece of clothing. You must send a photo of each piece. Begin now, tell no one." (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2) 

The instant she felt the harmony, he looked up and stared directly into her soul. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

"There are several people I have to meet tonight at The Haven. But rest assured, I plan to scene with you while we are there.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

FYI Brie fans, I hope to have this novelette out before I leave the country on vacation at the end of the month.  

If you are a fan of His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages, be sure to check out the interview with the character Ryce Leon.   

If you enjoyed being teased, leave a message to let me know and I will more continue to post more quotes.  I love my fans!


  1. Yes, tease some more please! I'm itching to read the next episode and see the lives of the charcters inter-weaving with each other. I do hope Brie remains true to her strong self.

  2. Oh Red! How could you! This is pure torture!!! Please...don't stop ;)

    I'm so excited to hear that the next part of Brie's adventure might be out before you have a well deserved break- I hope you are going somewhere nice! :)

    You are such a tease.....I LOVE it!! x

  3. Torture, that is what this is but excited to read that part 2 should be out by the end of the month. Please continue the torture at your leisure. :-)

  4. I love your snippets and look forward to the teasing everyday on twitter!!! Can't wait for the next brie, you are too good to us Mistress!