Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let the Teasing Continue - Red Phoenix

Please, Mistress, may I have another?

No, please Mistress, no more teasing! Well, maybe just a little more...

Because my blog fans have spoken, I shall continue my ruthless entertainment. It may be hard for you, but it is pure delight for me! ;)

Since I last posted, there have been several more quotes for Brie Submits to her Master. Yes, I have a title for New Brie #2! Not only do I have a title, but I have submitted my novelette to my editor. It will be in your sweet little hands before you know it!

More Teasers From Brie Submits to her Master:

Brie closed her eyes, enjoying the magnetic pull of his dominance. ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

“A spanking session, Master?”
“No, I just enjoy playing with your ass, téa.” He winked as he smacked her again.
♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2) 

The butterflies started as she approached him, moving with catlike grace towards her Master. ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “This may feel a little hotter, my dear. Nipples are sensitive bits.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2) 

Master reached between her legs. “So wet,” he murmured as he kissed her, stroking her sex gently with his finger. ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)  

“You said ‘felt’ as if in the past. Are you saying you don’t feel attracted to me now? Can you honestly say that?” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #2)

Not only have I finished writing the next Brie, I also have the book cover. Here is a sneak peek. :)

* I hope to have the book published before my trip overseas. We are looking at the 27th. Be on the lookout for Brie Submits to her Master before the end of February.  


  1. Love your cover, Red! Did you make it yourself?

    Is that a custom photo shoot like you had for the Art of Submission?

  2. Ooooh exciting!!!!!! I can't wait!! Those Little Teasers just make me want to have the book NOW! And your cover is brilliant....can't wait to see what's inside.... X

  3. Mistress you never disappoint, your teasing is intense. So looking forward to the next Brie the new cover too!

  4. Mistress knows how to build the anticipation. Thank you as always for the teasers ... excited to know that by the end of next week we should have part 2 to devour!

  5. Ahhh Red! It is so good to be able to experience these teasers! I await with great anticipation as always! Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. OMG..... I stumbled across Brie on my iPad while looking for baby books. I must say I love the way you write with such passion and was sad when I read the last page of your Brie Learns the art of Submission book. Do say you are writing another novel? I want hear more about Brie and her Master, Lea, and Mary. Also want to hear about the school since Master Davis left. Oooo I can't wait! Is it going to be in sections again or all together? excited!! It made me open up and accept the fact that I am very much interested in this and have been. I even share it with my husband, which he will soon be reading as well.