Sunday, April 6, 2014

Excitement is Brewing in the Red Phoenix Camp - Audio Brie!

Let your partner listen to Brie!
People have been begging and pleading for an audio version of
Brie Learns the At of Submission. Well, guess what?

She is coming! (wink)

I had auditions and found the perfect narrator for Brie. Pippa Jayne has a voice you can listen to for hours, which is good because the book is 17 1/2 hours long! This young lady knows how to read a sultry scene and then make you laugh out loud at Brie's antics.

The audio version brings the BDSM world to life in a way you haven't experienced yet. You will laugh, cry, growl, and quiver with passion.

Just imagine your partner listening to Brie... 
Oh, the fun you will have together!

It is in the final stages of production and should be out by the end of April.

Here is a sample of the book - The first time Brie meets Sir, headmaster of the exclusive Submissive Training Center...


  1. Will the audio version of Brie be offered at a discounted rate if you purchased the e-book version like other authors do?

  2. Id Like To Know If You were Planning On writing A Brie After Marriage Book?