Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Phoenix's April 1st Surprise: Brian's First Day of Submissive Training

A fun little treat adapted from my first novelette:
Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training

When I wrote this, I thought, “What would have happened if Brie had been born a man instead of a woman, and she/he met Sir at the tobacco shop?”

This is what resulted.

Two men who are normally attracted to females find themselves curiously drawn to each other…

Enjoy an alternate universe where Brian and Sir explore their hidden desires.
 I found it to be a surprisingly sexy read as I penned it,
 I hope you will too. ~Red


  1. Great twist on the Brie story.

  2. I LOVE THE BRIE SERIES!!! I also just downloaded Brian's story and can't wait to read it! I was wondering, are there any plans to have it, and your other books as well, on the AUDIOBOOK format? T love Whispersync for Voice offered by Amazon, and the immersion reading,(listening and reading along). PLEASE, please tell me it is in he works. With the right narrator, the series will skyrocket and really get you out there. I hope to be LISTENING soon!!

  3. Ducky, funny you should ask... Brie on audio is coming out this month! I know you will love it. <3


  4. YIPPIEEEEEEE!! Love the series WAY more than 50 Shades and this is coming from my twin who has listened to 50 Shades at least 200 times, I kid you not. Do you know whom the narrator is going to be? (I just told my twin and she is SQUEEEEEing in my ear!!

  5. I just put a snippet on twitter. https://twitter.com/redphoenix69 and FB https://www.facebook.com/red.phoenix.904

  6. I loved Brians story!! I found myself wanting more when it ended. Any chance you might continue it? Even though I know Bries story this oh so hot twist left me wanting. Bries story was my first bdsm read and after the first came the realization that while I was having kids and to busy to read I had seriously been missing out. This was not my mothers romance novels I used to hide to read.Red, I have to say you forever corrupted me!! LOL!!!