Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Red Phoenix Blitz! Everything Brie for 72 hours...

Mandy, of the Picky Bitches! blog, decided to take on the challenge of a 3-Day Brie Extravaganza. We are talking a post about Brie every 4 hours!!!

If you are new to Brie's world, you are going to find out why people are crazy about Brie and the gang at the Submissive Training Center.

If you have been a Brie fan for a long time, you may just fall in love with one or all of the characters again...

Come check out the exclusive interview & giveaways just for my fans and enjoy the next 72 hours of Brie!

(now Kinky Bitches for the month of June)


  1. I have read them all love them all. Wanting more Brie.

  2. Please more....I have totally enjoyed these books:)