Thursday, June 12, 2014

Red Phoenix Teaser From the WTRAFSOG Gemstone #2 Collection

Here is little taste from the full-length novel, Brie Learns the Art of Submission, included in the What to Red After FSOG Gemstone Collection #2. On Sale NOW - .99

A little taste of Marquis Gray...
“Turn and close your eyes,” Marquis Gray commanded as he produced a ribbon of black lace. “I find lace far more attractive than traditional blindfolds.”
He moved away from her, but soon returned, placing more ribbon in her hand. “It’s black, like your blindfold. Feel it. I want you to envision what it looks like.” She fingered the long, narrow length of ribbon. It was silky smooth, incredibly soft. “This will act as your bonds.”
He replaced the silk with a handful of lace. “It’s a deep burgundy. Touch it, pet.” Brie played with the lace in her hands, noting the roughness of it. “This will be caressing your body in a few minutes.”
Marquis Gray took it from her and left her side again. When he returned, she heard him chuckling under his breath. Brie held out her hand, but he lifted her other hand and placed the item in both. She was worried when she felt something heavy that also smelled of leather. She caressed it with her fingers and a cold chill gripped her heart. One end was a hard handle, and the other had numerous leather tendrils. A flogger.
He leaned in close to her ear, his warm breath on her neck. “I am an expert at what I do. By the time I finish, you will be begging me for more.

Smashwords -

Vi Keeland
Adriana Hunter
Kate Dawes
Malia Mallory
Nina Pierce
Ranae Rose
Christa Cervone
Michelle Hughes
Ella Jade
Summer Daniels

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