Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brie's Desires...The Second in the New Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Brie's Denver Desires is out now and available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords!

Oh, the fun I have planned for you with this one. I promise laugh out loud moments, coupled with scenes that are truly towel worthy.

Brie takes one heck of a ride in Denver...

Brie's Denver Desires:

Submissive in Love #2

Brie Bennett is not prepared for the surprises and delights that await her in Denver. An unexpected encounter uncovers Master Anderson’s past, while a sweet reunion with Baron complements the provocative scene she must film with Ms. Clark. She also discovers that Lea has a mysterious new friend – a person Brie was fated to meet.

In this second novella of the Submissive in Love Series hearts will be tested, desires confronted and bad jokes shared as Brie explores Denver’s darker side.

To be all caught up with Brie you need to have read:

- Brie Learns the Art of Submission (Brie Series Book 1)

- Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission (Brie Series Book 2)

- The first of the new serial, Brie’s Tokyo Tryst: Submissive in Love

Also recommended: The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy – in this novel you will meet Master Brad Anderson BEFORE he became part of the Submissive Training Center

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