Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello to All Who Love Erotic Things!

Edouard-Henri Avril, Wikimedia
Why I Started this Blog

Every person is different. What I might find erotic might not float your boat, but that’s the beauty of being human. We are individual snowflakes with our own grace, mystery, and exquisiteness. I wanted to create a blog where women could come together and safely share those things that they fantasize about in private.

You’ll find you are not alone in the things you desire and your eyes might be opened to the wide variety of erotic fantasies lurking in the minds of others. It could even spark a new one for you to enjoy. Fun, fun!
I want this to be a safe place, so I reserve the right to delete comments I feel are disrespectful or hurtful with no apologies. I want to build a strong community of people with similar interests – a love of the sensual.

So please join me as we explore sensual erotica together. Yum!

First Question: What is the most erotic body part for you?

Mine has to be the eyes. They have been describe as the windows to the soul. For me, it can take just one look from my lover to get me quivering inside.

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