Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sensual Erotica Series is Complete!

The Sensual Erotica Series

I finished the last story of the series titled, Sensual Erotica: Amy's Choice. It is up on Smashwords for Free. Of the 14 stories, 7 are free on Smashwords. As I publish them on Amazon, they will eventually reflect the discounts. 

Here is the list of books and the cost of each.

Loving Amy - Free

Boy Toys - .99

Bottoms Up - .99

Deeper, Baby! - Free

Taming Feral - .99

The Flame - Free

His Embrace - .99

Her Gift - Free

British Lover - .99

Secret Admirer - Free

The Quartet - .99

Thrilling Her - Free

Lover Mine - .99

Amy’s Choice - Free


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