Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blissfully Snowbound is a Sexy Little Story

Oh, to be Blissfully Snowbound...

We had a huge snowstorm recently. I looked outside one morning and was reminded of an old fantasy of mine - being stuck in a cabin with a guy and no way out. What would two people who were attracted to each other do, especially when the power goes out and they have to cuddle?

Blissfully Snowbound explores what happens when friends who aren't looking to hook up encounter an opportunity to enjoy a little sexy fun. Snow play takes on a whole new meaning!

If making love the traditional way was taken off the table, what would you do to please each other? Dan and Jenny explore the many possibilities in this steamy novelette.

As with all my erotica, love is at the core of the encounter. Someone has hidden their love for quite some time,  but the question is - can that love prevail before the world comes rushing back in?


  1. i am ready as you know i am going on vaca the surgery so can you let me know when the last for of ther erotica series is at b&n and when the other two are also in 9 days and blissfuly snowbound or if you have a nook and there on there let me know and i will borrow them and read while on the balcony at night or when i go in the hospital.

    thanks for your concern also

  2. Donnna, both The Quartet and Thrilling Her are currently on B&N. You can find out how Troy goes from Delfina and India back to Amy. ;)Hope the vaca is awesome and the surgery goes well!