Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wolfish Teasing for The Keeper Finds Her Mate by Red Phoenix

The sequel to The Keeper of the Wolf Clan is coming on March 10!

I thought it would be lovely to share a few teasers with you. In January of 2012, I wrote a little story that had captured my heart and interest, but I was hesitant to pen it for two reasons. First, I don't care to follow trends and vamps & werewolves are pretty popular. Second, the Bonding Ritual held a secret that shocked me. However, I LOVED the character of Layla. She had a beautiful journey to share, so I held my breath and hit publish...

Fans of that little novelette asked for her story to continue, and unlike Brie, I actually had planned to continue Layla's story. Two years later, I am finally giving her a voice again. This is a romantic tale of duty, love and betrayal.

So, without further ado, here are the Keeper teasers. Enjoy!

Something felt off, but Layla couldn’t identify what was making her so edgy until she heard the howl of a strange wolf. The other clans were coming... (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

The animal heat that had been rolling off him in waves all evening had increased in power, making it impossible for her to ignore him. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

He growled possessively as he pushed in further. He began stroking her with his shaft, grunting with each thrust, but then he shook his head. “More, I need more of you.” (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

It was the way of her people—this mating for life. It was beautiful in its strength of unity, but heartbreaking when one partner passed too early. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

He did not stop licking as he continued to caress her inner walls, until the tension became so great that it burst into a glorious explosion of pleasure. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

She matched the kiss with her own avarice hunger, longing to know every inch of her mate. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

Normally, all objects of the dead were burned to return them to their owner, but Papa had kept this so that Mika could be a part of her daughter’s mating ceremony. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

He crushed her to him then, his rough hands digging into her skin as his tongue demanded entrance into her mouth. When she yielded, he consumed her... 
(~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

Layla put her finger to his mouth to silence him. She smiled as she tip-toed, replacing her finger with her lips. He was stiff and unyielding until she whispered his name. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part

He growled, deep and low, caught up in the intense pleasure of the moment. Every rejection he’d suffered, every humiliation he’d endured was worth this connection with her.
Someday she would know the man behind the hard exterior he presented to the world, and she would come to love him as deeply as he loved her. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

She suddenly found it hard to breathe… Layla couldn’t take the pressure and did what came naturally. She stripped off her clothes, allowing the wolf spirit inside to have its way. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

“Are you the one who will claim her, Maska of the East? For I know both Amira and Etan are already mated.” 
Valen barked angrily. “She is promised.” (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)

His warm tongue thawed the icy chill that had settled in her soul. When she didn’t move, he nudged her shoulder with his snout and whined softly. (~Red Phoenix, The Keeper Part 2)


  1. Excited to see how Layla's journey continues ... loved Keeper of the Wolf Clan.

  2. Thank you, Mary Jo! I cannot wait to share what happens next! Love Layla's story. <3