Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deeper Baby Ranked 10th In Free Erotica on Amazon

Update: One Day Later - 

To be honest, I am surprised by the popularity of Deeper Baby as a Kindle freebie. I woke up this morning to find it ranked number 10 on Amazon's Free Erotic eBooks. It is part of the ongoing story of Troy and Amy, two lovers fated to find their fulfillment in the arms of others. 

Most of us have moved on from a failed love affair into the arms of someone who isn’t "the one". It is commonly referred to as rebounding. 

That is the premise of Deeper Baby. Troy and Amy have moved on, but they keep looking back at the one that got away.

A sensual two part "quickie" about partner swapping and a little menage a trois (approx. 7150 words) Perfect for mobile eReaders - have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix.

On the same night...

1) Troy and Kate go to a swingers bar. She convinces him that it'll be fun to switch partners, but Kate secretly wants to take two men at the same time. Troy is unaware he is part of the night's entertainment. 2) Amy cannot pass up the chance for a ménage a trois at the dance club. Mirrors, brute strength, and a little creativity make for an interesting night of pleasure for all three.

Extended Description:Deeper, Baby is told from two different perspectives –

Part One is all about Troy. His kinky girlfriend is eager for attention. Troy doesn't realize Kate has invited him to the swingers bar so she can fulfill her fantasy of being taken by two men at the same time. Troy is in for a rude awakening when he finds out he is supposed to be part of the entertainment that evening.

Part Two is told from Amy's point of view. The same night, Amy meets up with "The Boys" at the dance club. The threesome only has a half-hour to enjoy their last ménage a trois. Amy is in for the time of her life as both men concentrate on giving her sensual fulfillment before they say their final good-bye.

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