Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Love That Saves

Do You Believe in a Love That Saves?

When In 9 Days came to me, I was struck by the all-encompassing love that Tesse had for the new boy in school. A love deep enough to reach down into the pain he was carrying and free him from it.

In the story, And Then He Saved Me, the same theme appears. Lauren is suffering so deeply that she tries to kill herself. Cyril stops her from succeeding and his love has the power to transfer her pain into hope.
In both cases, I felt as if the characters were demanding I tell their story. It was an honor to write about both couples.

I suppose I am a hopeless romantic because I firmly believe true love can conquer all.

Agree or disagree?

* The Sequel to In 9 Days is now on Amazon.

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