Monday, April 16, 2012

Varick: Not Your Typical Vampire Erotica

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I have had this idea for a vampire story that has been swimming in my head since I was a teenager. The character of Varick has danced in my mind for years and recently asked for his voice to be heard. He is NOT your typical vampire - and um, he doesn't sparkle either. I imagine vampires as dangerous creatures, so even the hero must kill to survive. 

If you read my writing, you know I am not normally a paranormal girl. I am posting the first chapter to see what people think. The next chapter is his back story, but I wanted to start off with a bang so to speak. ;)

Yay? Nay? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Warning: 18+ reading material.

The Monthly Dance

He held out his hand. There was a part of him that wished she wouldn’t take it, but they always did. There was something about the whole “white knight in shining armor” thing that called to women; their common sense went right out the window. The short-haired brunette took his hand and got onto his Harley. “Hold on tight, this is going to be quite a ride,” he warned her.
The woman put her arms around his waist and pushed up against him. He sped off in a cloud of dust. He liked to make an impression. It was the least that he could do.
Varick drove her straight to the hotel. He was hungry and there was no reason to drag it out. He parked the bike in front of the extravagant hotel and handed the valet his keys with a twenty as tip. The man smiled and tipped his hat to Varick.
He put his arm the woman’s shapely hips and guided her into the hotel. He could tell she was impressed by the looked of wonderment on her face. She smiled and said excitedly, “I’ve never been here before.”
It didn’t surprise him. The homeless couldn’t afford a $1,000 a night room. Again, it was the least he could do. When they entered the hotel, he took off his white helmet and white leather gloves. Her eyes widened. “You are so handsome!” she announced.
He waved off the compliment. Really, what did it mean anyway? It wasn’t as if he could take credit for his looks. It just allowed him to get away with things he shouldn’t. Varick took her hand in his and kissed it gently. He could feel the heat when she blushed. “I pale in comparison to your beauty, my dear,” he murmured softly.
Varick walked her to the elevator. It amazed him how easy it was to lead them to their doom. Just a few kind words and a couple of kisses and they were all his for the taking. He put his finger under her chin and lifted it up. He looked into her dark brown eyes before planting a light but commanding kiss on her lips. Varick felt her melt. Yes, she was going to be easy.
When the doors opened to the penthouse, she squealed. “I can’t believe it. I never thought I would stay in the penthouse, ever!”
He smiled. “Only the best for us, my sweet.”
The woman looked down at her worn clothes and blushed. “I’m not good enough for such a nice place.”
“Nonsense. You just need a warm bubble bath and new attire.”
She looked at him with gratitude. “I’ve never had anyone treat me so good before.”
Varick kissed the top of her greasy head. “That’s a true shame. Today you shall be treated like the princess you are.”
While she took her bath, he took off his white leather jacket and draped it over a chair. Then he laid out the dress he wanted her to wear. He had a chest full of gowns. He liked to have a variety so he could choose the right one for each woman. He needed a dress that would bring an instant smile to her face. It made him feel less guilty.
By the time she finished bathing, the food had arrived. She opened the bathroom door in her white fluffy robe and sniffed the air. “What’s all this?” she asked, her stomach growling loud enough for him to hear.
“A feast for you,” he said, leading her to the table. Varick lifted the covers off all the dishes. “I figured you would be hungry.” The woman couldn’t help herself. She started grabbing at the first plate, stuffing a roll in her mouth. After several ravenous bites, she looked at him guiltily and stopped. “No, please. Eat to your heart’s content. It’s the reason I ordered the lunch. It makes me happy to see you eat.”
The woman went back to scarfing the food. He enjoyed the look of ecstasy on her face and wondered how long it had been since she’d eaten a decent meal. She let out a long burp and covered her mouth. “Excuse me.” She blushed again, sending a shock wave of heat.
“Only natural,” he assured her. Her blush was making him hungry and he didn’t want to rush this for her sake. “I have a dress laid out for you. Tell me if you like it.”
She rushed over to the bed and picked up the wine colored Italian gown. “Can I try it on?”
“Of course. It’s yours.”
She beamed. “Thank you! I’ve never had anything so beautiful in my life.”
The woman disappeared into the bathroom and didn’t emerge for another ten minutes. When she came out, Varick whistled appreciatively. For a middle-aged woman she still sported an attractive body with her large breasts and shapely hips. “I knew that color would accentuate your features. You look absolutely lovely.”
She ran to the full-length mirror and twirled in front of it. “It does look nice, doesn’t it?” Her hand ran over the length of the dress. “Just look at the way it fits my curves.” She danced around and then came up to him smiling. “Thank you.”
Varick bent her backwards in a dramatic fashion and kissed her. “You look ravishing, my dear.” She sighed in pleasure and gave him a wet kiss.
“I’d like to know your name, handsome prince.”
He smiled and looked into her innocent eyes. “Varick. Not a popular name these days, but what can I say? My parents were old-fashioned.”
“Oh no, it fits. You look like a Varick.”
“What’s your name, loveliness?”
“Carol.” She looked slightly embarrassed when she added, “It’s not an elegant name like yours.”
“Carol is a charming name.” He grasped the back of her neck and kissed her deeply. She moaned as she pressed against him.
The woman smelled good. He licked his lips, wanting to take a taste. Not yet, he needed to please her first. Varick turned on slow music and took her in his arms. He led her across the floor. She was hesitant, but with the right pressure from his guiding arm, she was able to move with him. Carol looked up into his eyes in admiration. “You are a fine dancer.”
“It takes the right partner,” he murmured into her ear. “Would you mind terribly if I ravished your body?”
She suddenly stopped and looked at him. “You want me?”
“With a beautiful face and an alluring body, what man wouldn’t want to enjoy you womanly pleasures? I promise to please you.”
He could feel her heart rate increase. Her smell became twice as intoxicating. “Take me, I’m all yours,” she whispered.
Varick picked her up effortlessly, amid a string of child-like giggles. He carried her to the bedroom and placed her gently on the large bed. He took off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest. Her pupils dilated. He could tell she liked what she saw and put her hands on his chest, giving her permission to touch him however she wanted.
She looked at him hungrily. “You are the sexiest man I’ve ever made love to.” Her excitement was adding to her heat. He hoped he could last.
“What would you like? I could lick your beautiful pussy, play with your gorgeous breasts, or give you a satisfying pounding. What’s your pleasure?”
Carol blushed. She giggled again and looked around nervously. “Um, I guess I would like you to suck on my breasts while you fuc… make love to me.”
“Would that make you come?” Varick asked.
She looked uncertain. “I don’t know. It just sounds nice.”
“If that’s what you want, I am more than happy to oblige.” He unzipped the back of her dress just enough so he could ease her breast out of it. He found that most women liked to be taken with their clothes on. Varick hiked up the skirt of her gown and pulled her panties off nice and slow. Carol smiled at him lustfully.
“Do you like it gentle or rough?”
Carol turned crimson and whispered, “Rough.”
The heat she was radiating brought her blood to the surface making his teeth ache. “Then rough you shall have it,” he growled. He took off his remaining clothes and lay on top of her. “Are you ready to be ravish, Carol?”
“Oh yes!”
He thrust his cock into her wet opening. At the same time, he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. He started pumping his large dick into her, pushing in deep.
Carol moaned and then started screaming as he thrust fast and hard. “You’re so big!”
“Take it Carol. Take all of my cock.”
“I want it, Varick. I want all of it,” she panted.
He pushed deeper and Carol arched her back, taking the pounding with relish. He fucked her thoroughly, but then made the mistake of biting down on her nipple. Her blood instantly sprang from his bite mark. She whimpered in pleasure, but he had to back away. It wasn’t time yet.
Carol looked at him desperately. “Don’t stop! I like what you are doing.”
He smiled seductively, to cover up the extreme thirst he felt. “I’d like to play with you for a bit. Would that be alright?”
“Anything. I just want to feel you,” she cried, wiggling suggestively.
Varick snuggled up beside her and ignored the smell of her blood. He concentrated instead on making her climax. He ran his fingers on the outside of her inner lips. She was wet and overly responsive. The poor women had obviously had been neglected for far too long. He caressed her clit while he nibbled on her neck.
He pushed his middle finger into her and reveled in her cry of pleasure. “Would you like to come for me?” he asked.
“Oh yes, make me come, Varick.”
He started stimulating her clit while he continued to penetrate her with his long finger. She panted heavily and then began moaning. “I’m close! I’m going to come for you.”
He rested his lips against her neck, waiting for the perfect moment. When her inner muscles began pulsating around his finger he knew it was time. “Does it feel good?” he murmured.
“So good,” she gasped. He bit down on her neck and felt her stiffen. “Yes, oh that’s even better,” Carol whimpered.
He sucked her life’s blood with relish until he felt her heart stop beating. She tasted of cloves. Each one tasted different, it was a part of their allure. He retracted his teeth and pulled away. Varick closed her eyes and brushed her pale cheek with reverence. “Thank you, my sweet.”


  1. Awesome! I love it!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! It is a little darker than I am used to writing about, but then vampires really are dark creatures...