Saturday, July 14, 2012

How Should You Take Bad Reviews as an Indie Author?

You suck!
Bad Reviews, Everyone Gets Them

Bad reviews are inevitable. It is the natural way of things, because people are different and tastes are different. Early on in my writing, I got slammed by readers on B&N. The reviews were harsh and made me question myself as a writer. It forced me to decide why I was writing. Was I writing for others or was I writing for my own enjoyment?

Turns out, I am writing for me. I love bringing my characters to life and seeing how their stories unfold. It is a high like no other. At the time, I chose to ignore the reviews even though they hurt. I chose not to let someone else decide what I would do with my life.

Had I listened to those depressing reviews Luke and Tesse, Dan, Jenny and Ryan, and sassy little Brie would never have been born into the world. Their voices would have remained silent.

Follow you heart, authors. Ebooks allow us to write without anyone losing money if we fail. We have the freedom to let our imaginations soar. Yes, look at the bad reviews to see if there is something you can improve on. You should always be willing to grow. However, don't let it kill your dream if you know you are meant to write.

Something else to keep in mind: The people who write bad reviews are generally not your audience. It is okay if they don't like your work, because they aren't the people you are trying to reach. 

* If you want to check out my nasty reviews (you know you want to), here's a link. FYI, Amy does NOT do her cousin.


  1. I liked the one that said, "even without reading this I need to go to rehab". How can they write a review on something they haven't read???? It just floors me.

    Keep doing what you are doing Red. As long as you are happy and you DO have fans who love you and your books, the negatives don't matter.

    Geez...I just read what I wrote and wish I could take my own advice re: negatives not being important. I'm working on that one.

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

    1. Becki, it takes time but the sting of bad reviews does leave. Remain true to yourself and your dreams. :)

      Thanks for responding!


  2. Great post! As a book blogger I get frustrated with the reviews on Amazon and BN. There are people out there who seem to just get their jollies from posting 1 star reviews and trashing authors. Yet, those of us who post real reviews are always fighting with getting them pulled even though they are honest reviews.

    I truly love your books and your stuff is what I buy and read for pleasure as a break from my busy review schedule. Honestly, that's the highest praise from me because I have more free books than I can read. I'm always saying that I need to get some reviews posted for you, and I do. I will make a point to sit down and do that.

    Michelle V

    1. Michelle, that truly is praise & I thank you. The fact you are an avid reviewer AND you like my work means a lot! :)

      You have been one of my longtime supporters and always respond to my blog posts. That is every bit as important as reviewing my books. Let yourself off the hook - you review enough as is.


      ~ Red ;)

  3. Thank goodness for ebooks. There are so many authors we find now that would never have been published with the old system. I take my hat off to them. If i wrote books I think I would have a trusted friend read a review then advise me to read or not to read it. We all have experienced getting a book despite a bad review and it becomes a favorite. I now can sent a quick note to an author via the internet links usually posted a the end of the book. I want the author to know someone appreciates their efforts. PS DO NOT post reviews unless YOU READ THE BOOK. DUH

    1. Jbthenurse,

      It is very true that many indie authors would not have seen the light of day within the old system. Indie books are similiar to indie films - and I LOVE indie films! I like the unexpected and the not so popular because it comes off genuine.

      I understand that publishers are only looking at the bottom line. That's why eBooks are the great equalizer because of the lack of investment. No one has to guess or tell the public what it is hungry for. You just write it and see what happens... :)