Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brie Travels with Red Phoenix Across the Ocean

A Little Traveling Fun!
Brie at the top of a hill overlooking the city (at the Fortress).

I recently went on a trip to the Orient - my first. It occurred to me that Brie might enjoy a little sight-seeing as well. It was humorous and sometimes embarrassing to take the pics, but I sure had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

I am keeping the destination a mystery, but if you can read the writing or you know the places, you will be able to tell exactly where we went. ;)

Brie at the Fortress

This was my very first pic. I was new at this and a little shy, so I took the pic close up. I wanted to show off the beautiful colors of the structure.

Brie in bed after a long day of sight-seeing.

The hotel room was small but gorgeous. The perfect place for Brie and Master to unwind.

Brie on the train.

Brie and I took a train back to the main city. I love the honesty of this culture. You are expected to buy a ticket to ride the train, but nobody checks to see if you have purchased a ticket. Instead, there is a line in the ground inside the station that reads, "We trust you. Only paying customers after this point."

Brie shopping in a market.

Lots of activity in the market! By this point I had decided just to go for it. Yes, I looked strange taking a pic of a naughty book in the middle of a busy market, but I decided what the heck - YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Brie at the temple

We visited a temple, but I wanted to be respectful so I took the pic outside of the building.  Beautiful place inside and out. The golden Buddha looked much like this lovely painting that graced the outside.

After another long day, it was time for tea! Yum...

Oh, the tea here was fabulous! So much so that I bought a tea set and the tea so we could enjoy the experience again when we returned home.

Yes, we did go to a karaoke-like place and make total fools of ourselves. Little known fact - Brie sings as well as she cooks. Funniest thing: the videos! While singing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" the video that accompanied it showed an Asian man with blood all over his face, his lover dying in his arms. So NOT want we were singing about. 

Brie and Master having a romantic meal together.

The food we tried was amazing! I do not have an adventurous palate, but luckily my friend and guide was able to help us sample the best of the native cuisine. The different kinds of rice wine were also a big hit with Brie and I.

Brie confused by the fancy toilet.

The modern toilets can be intimidating. Both Brie and I were confused by so many buttons! We were told not to press unless you are sitting on it! :)

Brie at the bathhouse

This may be my favorite experience of all - the bathhouse. To enjoy the many baths, you must be naked. As foreigners, Brie and I stood out like a sore thumb, but the women politely ignored our foreign look. After the lovely baths, we dressed into provided t-shirts and shorts to enjoy the saunas! (That's where men and women mix.) There were salt, jade, snow, dry, wet, hot, more hot, deathly hot saunas. Loved it!!! I want you to imagine me carrying around a book and camera. hehehe... Out of consideration of others, I only took a pic of the lovely wall of rice paper.


Brie at the underground subway

The subways there are amazing - fast, clean, efficient. Best of all, there are tons of shops you can peruse. Brie enjoyed them all before we left. Note of caution: the doors close quickly on the subway cars and really, really hurt. ;)

I hope you enjoyed Brie little jaunt on the other side of the ocean. :) We both had a blast! Now it is time to get back to writing her next adventure...


  1. Did you get the salt rub done at the bathhouse ?? what did they do with the jade ??? Great place to start your world tour.. Boy you were missed Mistress.

  2. jbthenurse,

    I did get the salt rub! That is when I realized all the little cuts on my skin. Salt in wounds - can you say ouch! But how smooth my skin was afterwards. The jade you just lay down in, like a giant exceedingly hot sandbox.

    I missed you too! Hugs!


  3. When will the next book come out? After graduation part 3?