Friday, March 8, 2013

Poem: The Silent Dance by Red Phoenix

The Silent Dance

He asks her to undress and lay on the bed.

This is their first time together – all nerves.

Her dark headed lover swoops in between her legs forcing them open.

She gasps, tense but thrilled by his aggressiveness.

“Don’t move,” he orders.

She whimpers as his tongue seeks out her bare pussy.

With blind confidence, he begins the dance.

Hips rise into the air, thighs quiver, and cries erupt as he coaxes her clit.

First there is resistance to the fire, but as it builds she surrenders to it.

Heat, intensity, ticklish burning - he won’t stop.

She is tempted to squirm, but remains still per his command.

He is not like the others, he does not stop, does not tire.

The realization causes her nipples to constrict into hard buds.

Goosebumps cover her skin as the climax builds.

He changes tactics, pulling away the protective hood as he goes directly for the source.

“Stop!” she cries as her hands instinctively push him away.

But he captures her wrists and readjusts, holding them down with one

While exposing her clit with the other.

She thrashes her head on the pillow, knowing there is no escape.

The fiery dance ends in a powerful explosion.

She screams as she reaches the crest and her body pulsates in unrestrained pleasure.

Her greedy lover laps up her juices, heedless of her sensitivity.

She is a prisoner of his attention until he finally releases her.

Her pussy continues to contract long after his lips leave her sex.

She pants, satisfied but desperate for more.

Her fiery need is answered when she hears his deep voice command,

“On your knees, babygirl.”

~Red Phoenix



  1. Wow, I really like this poem! Is there more of this on your blog? Then I'll for sure come back from time to time!

  2. Actually Samya, I was just feeling inspired and penned it one night. I promise to share others as they come. ;)


  3. WOW!!!! I LOVE everything you write. It would be great if you could compile a book of erotic poetry. I would definitely read it especially when I need inspiration. :-)