Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last of the Teasers for Socrates by Red Phoenix - Coming Out January 26th!

Socrates the Spanish Dom will be coming out January 26, 2014 to an online bookstore near you. For a little fun, I thought I would share the last few teasers to get you ready for the big "Release". ;)

This particular tale started out as a short story inspired by a session with my husband, which grew into a novelette and then into a novella. The story of Socrates and Kathryn took on more depth as I worked with both characters.

Kathryn - AKA Cherry Blossom, is a woman finding herself in a unique place at the age of forty-nine.

Socrates - an online Dom who enjoys educating those new to the world of BDSM.

The Last of the Socrates Teasers:

The smell of him filled my senses—hot male, all musky with sweat caused by desire. Was there anything more intoxicating? (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)  

His kiss was quick and gentle, but the feel of it lingered when he pulled away.
“Dulce,” he whispered in my ear. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

Socrates released his hold, pushing my face to the table. “Prepare to be fucked, Kathryn.” (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

I let go of everything—my thoughts, my needs, even the discomfort of kneeling on the hard floor—concentrating solely on being a vessel of pleasure. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates) 

He turned it on and my insides vibrated from deep within my core.
I smiled and then blushed. It was very stimulating.
“I wish to partake of that vibration,” he replied huskily. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

Could I come a third time? I didn’t think so, but Socrates was determined to prove me wrong.
I groaned when his fingers sought entrance into my opening again. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

It was erotic—his drinking from my body and then the sharing of it through our kiss. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

I shivered, knowing the extensive number of toys he had lined up for me. I wondered which I would enjoy and which I might grow to fear. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates)

He fisted my hair, pulling my head back and kissing my forehead as he rammed himself deep inside. “Now you will feel the strength of my insatiable need.” (~Red Phoenix, Socrates) 

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