Thursday, January 9, 2014

Teasers for Socrates by Red Phoenix

Although I have been silent over the holidays, I have still been writing. This is a stand alone novelette. Something that flooded my mind after a recent session with my hubby. I wasn't planning on writing Socrates and Kathryn's story, because I have so many other books yet to write. However, this one demanded my time so I acquiesced.

I plan to publish it the end of January - Yum!

Kathryn is 49, curvy and curious.
Socrates is a Spanish Dom who uses his online site to educate people about the BDSM lifestyle.

Quotes from the upcoming novelette:

"A man who lacks honor at the start will become a Master without honor once you are collared." ~Socrates (Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

I loved my ample boobs, belly and hips, and smoothed my hands over my frame appreciatively. My physique was the picture of sexuality. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

I'm embarrassed to admit it now, but I totally squealed with joy when I read his answer. Yes it was childish I know, but Socrates was a popular Dominant who had a HUGE following. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

I shut the curtains and lowered the volume on my computer so the neighboring apartments could not hear the depravity. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

I closed my eyes, imagining Socrates sinking his teeth into the sensitive area of my throat. 
(~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

The sub cried out and then giggled. He joined in her laughter - just the sound of his low chuckle gave me butterflies. Damn, Socrates even made laughing sexy. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

I whimpered when I heard his manly grunt as he finished off with a few deep, shuddering strokes. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

I came to a horrible realization. By observing Socrates’ live-stream event, I had exposed myself to an aphrodisiac like no other. I was addicted... (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

"A Dominant does not deserve your trust until he has earned it. If he demands it from you without nurturing it first, that is a sure sign he is unworthy of your respect or service. Run, don’t walk, away." ~Socrates (Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

"It is a sub’s confidence in being a submissive—her inner joy and willingness to explore—that attracts a Dominant." ~Socrates (Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

“So I see you met, Cleo, as in Cleopatra the Ice Queen. Poor girl takes pride in starving herself - thinks it makes her better than the rest of us. All that food denial really does is make her unpleasant to be around." (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette) 

What kind of preparations are we talking about, Don?
He didn’t miss a beat.
I would like you bare and clean. What that means is a full Brazilian, an enema in case your ass entices me, and zero lotion or perfume. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

His command struck a chord in my soul. To let goto simply ‘be’was a deep-seated desire I had never openly acknowledged. (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

I felt his warm breath against my sex. “I love the smell of a woman. It changes as her level of arousal is heightened.” (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)

"This was a seductive drug. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty – and I had never felt so alive!" (~Red Phoenix, Socrates novelette)


  1. Hurry up and finish writing this lol

    1. I know, I know... Life - it gets in the way sometimes. (grin)


  2. I'm excited to read this. Nice read something with woman in their 40's. Can't wait!

  3. This is really great I can't wait to read !