Friday, March 16, 2012

Indie Author Addicted to Checking Unit Sales/Downloads

Okay, I admit it. I check my unit sales/downloads on Amazon and Smashwords far too much. At first, I found the information interesting and exciting. "Wow, people are reading my work!"

It slowly has morphed into an obsession...

As soon as I get on the computer, I check to see how my books are doing. I cheer when things are up and whimper when things are down. (My worthiness as an author seems to be tied to the data.)

That is one hazard of being an indie author. You don't have an agent or publisher telling you how great you are, nor do you have them there to explain what is to be expected and completely normal. You are in charge of it all. I, Red Phoenix, am not knowledgeable about marketing. I do not know what an average number of sales are for a new author, or how many reviews to expect per x amount of books purchased, etc. I am learning on the fly and evaluating based on my own experience.

I freely acknowledge that I check the data more than I should because of my desire to validate myself as an author. I do not think I am alone in this. While it is true that an author needs to be sensitive to sales, it is foolish to base one's worth as a writer simply on whether you made substantial sales over one particular hour/day/week. The roller coaster I put myself on is of my own design.

Struggling with the same addiction or have some advice? Please share!


  1. It's so addictive! I just posted my first erotica and find myself checking the sales every day, twice or thrice a day.

    1. I know and I understand. Wishing you much success with your writing! :)