Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sensual Erotica Series is Off to a Great Start!

I was pleased to get the numbers in from Amazon concerning my new series, Sensual Erotica, for the month of February. Over 12,500 people downloaded all or some of the 14 book series. As an indie author, it is humbling to know that many people have read my writing. To make the series affordable, I made half of the stories free and 5 of those are now free on Amazon. Whoo Hoo!

It all started with Loving Amy. A short story that I wrote a while ago. It was loosely based on a character in another book I had written last year. The scene was too hot and steamy for my original novel: a man loving a woman who was off-limits until one fateful night...

Boy Toys soon followed. Let's face it, nothing is sexier for a women than two men loving her at the same time - focused solely on her pleasure. It has been the most popular of the paid series.

So, I continued to write out fantasies of mine played out by either Amy or Troy. What can I say, one thing led to another and the entire 14 book series was born. I have an active imagination. :)

I realize that my fantasies may or may not reflect your own, which is why I created it to be a pick and choose series. You pick what turns you on.

Thanks to all my readers!  I would love to hear which are your favorites:

     The Sensual Erotica Series:

Loving Amy
Boy Toys
Bottoms Up
Deeper, Baby!
Taming Feral
The Flame
His Embrace
Her Gift
British Lover
Secret Admirer
The Quartet
Thrilling Her
Lover Mine
Amy’s Choice

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