Friday, March 23, 2012

Sequel to In 9 Days Includes Elements of the Phantom of the Opera

I recently finished the sequel to In 9 Days. Originally, I planned for it to be a short story and nothing more. But I had so many fans request a sequel that I delved into what would happen when Luke and Tesse met years later.

What flowed out was a beautiful love story that did justice to the couple. I added the element of a love triangle and allowed Tesse's involvement in the musical The Phantom of the Opera to play out in her real life.

Short Description:

After waiting three years for Luke Sanders to return, Tesse decides to move on with her life & into the arms of a new lover. Fate, however, has different plans when Luke returns the week before Tesse’s big d├ębut as the lead in The Phantom of the Opera. Her life seems to mimic the musical when she is forced to choose the handsome new boyfriend or her devoted scarred lover once known as The Freak.

9 Days and Counting is the touching sequel to the coming-of-age story, In 9 Days. This novelette delves into the emotional reunion between Tesse and Luke.

Extended Description:

So much has changed since Luke left Tesse behind. She is in college now, starring as Christine in the musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Jerrod, who has loved Tesse for several years, finally gets the green light to court her. However, Luke’s return puts their new relationship in jeopardy. The love Tesse and Luke share has not diminished over time, but their lives have taken opposite paths. Three hearts are on the line and one will be sacrificed. Does the Phantom finally get the girl or will her handsome new beau win Tesse’s heart?

Adult Reading Material (18+)

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