Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Importance of a Book Review

Spawned by a review.
The Significance of the All Mighty Book Review

As a reader, you hold great power. You can express to the world your thoughts and impressions concerning the book you just read. Most people are busy and even if they like the book, they don't have the time to leave a response. It is a crazy world - it's understandable.

However, when you leave a review you not only help those who are interested in the work, but you can also have an influence on the author as well. In my case, I had a reviewer who left detailed information letting me know exactly what she enjoyed about the story and went on to say that she hoped to see more in that genre.

I was just experimenting with the Dom/sub world and her review of Sensual Erotica: The Flame inspired me to delve into the world with my novelette, Brie's First Day of Submissive Training. The positive response I received concerning the novelette spawned an entire series - all based on that one reader's review.

Until I started writing, I didn't understand the significance of the all mighty book review.

The reader holds great power.


  1. Yes, ma'am. I need to get some reviews posted for you!

    Are we going to get to read about Brie's auction?

    Michelle V

    1. I am writing it right now. Growl... An alluring new Dom, the cops, a possible love interest and a little backstory on Mary.

      PS - when do you get your rest, missy? I see the time on that post. ;)

  2. That's probably your time zone. For me it was 5:28 am. I get up very early, and I stay up way too late at night reading.