Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Would Someone Lie in a Review?

I respect people's opinions on my books. Some people enjoy my writing style and some people can't stand it. That's okay, different strokes for different folks. You are not hurting my feelings when you give your honest opinion.

However...when you out and out lie, I do take offense:
  1. I NEVER asked this individual to review my book.
  2. This IS my original work.
  3. One should read the story carefully before throwing accusations: Troy Dawson lives in India and is dating an Italian girl he works with. Thrilling Her is part of a series. (Those simple facts refute all of the points made in the review.) 
  4. Writing is my full-time job, so producing 24 "quickies" and novelettes is certainly possible when a person has a strong work ethic and the muse is with you.
1.0 out of 5 stars Sensual Erotica: Thrilling Her, May 3, 2012
"This person, who claims s/he wrote this book for sale (FREE) at [[ASIN:B0079R4H1A Sensual Erotica: Thrilling Her)] Amazon, sent me this request for a review of this 16-page story.

This is the worst example of writing I have ever seen. This is NOT erotica, it's poorly disguised pornography that looks as if it was stolen from some writer.

I say this because part of the time the man's name is Troy and sometimes it is Dawson (now, there's a hint that this was probably lifted from some other writer). It is supposed to be English, but there are too many references to places in India and the two people in this ridiculous story sometimes slip into Italian for words the person re-composing this story probably didn't know in English.

There is too much head bobbing. There is no timeline followed...things happen inconsistently with the writer's time frame of the story or they are referenced as happening but do not appear in this if they were edited out but the references to them were not. In the beginning, Troy doesn't know the woman, yet he knows she usually doesn't wear her blouse unbuttoned so low. The female knows what the male is thinking...the male knows what the female is thinking--what planet are these two from?

My advice to anyone thinking of buy this book...well, any writer worth their weight (and skill) does not publish a book every day or even every other day since December 13, 2011.

There's something fishy here when writers are asking for reviews of something so obviously horribly written.
I felt I needed to say something in response to this person's false accusations. I worked hard on this series and am proud of it.

I simply cannot stay silent when someone accuses me of plagiarism. 


  1. I have real issues with a lot of the 1 star review people on Amazon. I have seen many cases where they just didn't realize or didn't pay attention to what they were getting and they didn't like it, so they trash it on Amazon. Some others just seem to get a thrill from writing negative reviews. Reading is such a subjective thing. A book that I hated might be one that you love. I would love to give this particular person a piece of my mind because the things they said are just plain wrong!

    Michelle V

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Really appreciate your comment. :)

    I'm just floored that someone would lie and claim that I asked them for the review and then insinuate that I plagiarized it. She has every right not to like the story (it doesn't appear the poor woman even understood what she was reading), but to lie... I just don't get it.

    Oh well, putting it behind me. Others have respectfully responded to her so all is well. I feel blessed!