Friday, May 4, 2012

Now I Understand...

I was shocked and upset that a reviewer of one of my books lied and accused me of plagiarism. I could not understand why someone would stoop so low. Now I understand...

Through Google, I was able to find out the reviewer is an author. Is it possible she feels threatened by my book's success and thought slander was a viable option? I actually feel sorry for her.

Success does not come from tearing others down. It comes from doing your best work and never giving up.


  1. It is sad but not uncommen that jealous authors try to hurt other authors with success.

  2. I can see why she may feel threatened, you are an amazing writer! But that is no reason to try and attack your reputation as an author, shocking!

  3. I was shocked, too. Just can't imagine lying and then attempting to discredit another person. Luckily, the woman's nastiness had no effect so she only made herself look bad.

    BTW, thanks! :)