Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Taste of the Future for Red Phoenix

What is Red Phoenix Writing Now?
Now that Brie Learns the Art of Submission is out, what is Red up to???

Well my friends, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you have a pretty good idea. However, I realize there are some of you who do not have accounts on either and are in the dark. It's not fair, so today I shall remedy that. :)

I am currently working on four projects. Yes, that's right... 4.

Here is a little taste of each:

1) Varick: The Reckoning is due out the end of December. It is the sequel to the free eBook, Varick: The Reluctant. It's my unique take on the world of vampires. It is labeled erotica, but it is so much more than sex. Vampires represent to me all that is cruel and unfair in the world. Varick is the shining light in that darkness. This is a character who has haunted my dreams since I was a teenager.

Quote from the upcoming Varick:

"Varick looked down at her still form, his blood trickling from the wound in her throat. He steeled himself as he gazed into Aleshia's eyes, knowing what he would find..." (~Red Phoenix, Varick the Reckoning)

2) My 'Secret Project' will be revealed when it is complete. It is still in the creation stage, although I am pleased with its progress. This project idea was given to me by my husband. I will announce its publication when the time approaches. Consider it ongoing for now, with no set date of completion.

Quote from my secret project: 

"It was a rush like no othertransporting a woman to an intense level of passion she could not reach on her own. The ability to deliver both pain and pleasure in equal portions while leaving the woman desperate and hungry for more was… a gift. " (~Red Phoenix, Secret Project)

3) Brie: The After Story is due out the end of January. It will follow the lives of Brie and her Master, as well as the other characters you have grown to know and love. Find out what happens after the elevator doors close...

Quote from the new Brie: 

“We’re just going to talk. What’s the harm in that?”
“But I don’t think I should...”
“Brie,” he cocked his head and smiled sadly, “don’t you think I deserve an explanation?” His blue eyes drew her in and she became acutely aware of the pain behind them. (~Red Phoenix, Brie: The After Story)

4)  The Phoenix Series is the other project I am working on. Some of you may not be aware that I write under another pen name, Michelle Stevens. I have published two novellas, Phoenix Rising and Phoenix Takes Flight, and am currently working on the third of four in the series. The Phoenix Series is loosely based on the 1980's romance with my husband of 20 years. Fair warning: This is NOT erotica, it has a spiritual element and a sad (but inspiring) ending.

Quote from the next installment of Phoenix: 

Scott jumped in, “Hey! Are you making a pass at my girlfriend?”
I looked at both of them apprehensively. “No Scott, I'm sure he wasn't...”
“Actually I was,” Greywolf replied, gracing me with a charming smile before telling Scott, “What are you going to do about it, Keeper?” (~Michelle Stevens, Phoenix Soars)

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into what the future holds for Red Phoenix. :)

Thank you for all of your support and many comments. I cherish every one!


  1. Waiting for all of them with bated breath. Love all the upcoming teases you quoted above.
    Anxious about Sir and Brie ( not good to see pain in his blue eyes).
    Knew Greywolf had the hots for Phoenix.
    Love them all.

    1. Cherish!


      Sir's eyes have never been revealed. It is not Sir in the scene. ;)

      Yeah, you knew Greywolf was making the moves on her. That chapter (which starts off the third Phoenix) is one of my favorites. Just you wait!

      Thanks for the comments! <3


  2. Can't wait patiently enough for all of them!!
    Varick quote is intense as Varick.
    Secrec projec, oh I'm literally drooling over it.. lol
    As for Faelan is good that he feels pain, he hurt our girl with his acts last time, even if it was for the best of her at the end.. ~I am a little bloodthirsty today.. ;)~
    New instalment of Phoenix is captivating as the two previous books.
    I love the sneak peek you gave us.
    Thank you!
    ~ Marla :)

    1. Cherish!

      Yes, Varick will start off intense and build from there. :)

      Faelan, troublemaker or misunderstood? Hmm...

      Can't wait to share the next set of memories with you in Phoenix.

      TY, Marla!


  3. Oh the teases.. Naughty naughty but soo good I can't wait for all of them.. Sitting on the edge of my seat patiently waiting..

  4. The Brie series was SOO FREAKIN HOT. Cant wait for the next installment. I was on pins and needles during that ceremony. I was so worried that he was gonna let her go. And she was going to settle for someone else. I am so happy we get to see them together. Thank you for keeping it going.

  5. I could hardly sleep trying to get through Brie's adventures! Now that I've finished it, I'm beyond excitement to learn there's another book coming out! Ooh, I can't wait!