Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Scene in Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix is Revealed!

Brie Learns the Art of Submission, the novel that includes all nine of the Brie Submissive Training serial series, is due out tomorrow. It includes a new scene, one that I promised my fans I would post on my blog. Why? Because I have a tons of people who have already purchased the series and I want to share it with them. :)

I added this scene because it was needed. When I wrote Brie on Display, Brie #7, there was one chapter that people begged me to expand. While revising the series into novel form, I realized that I agreed with them.

For your reading pleasure, I am posting the new scene BEFORE the release of the novel.

Brie has just scened with a training Dom - a man she has encountered before in the 'vanilla" world. She is supposed to evaluate his performance with her trainers (as well as his). Being a submissive to Blue Eyes has thrown her off a bit, but Faelan planned out his scene well and tailored it just for Brie. How will she rate the young wolf pup?

Find out by reading below:

After the three Doms had left the room, Sir began the discussion with the Dominant trainers still in attendance.
“We would all like to hear your honest opinions of your Doms’ performances.” He turned to Lea first. “Ms. Taylor, how would you rate Master Allen’s scene with you?”
Out of the corner of her eye, Brie saw Lea look up and smile. “Master Allen really seemed to care, Sir. He continually asked my color, eased up when I indicated that I was reaching yellow but did not stop. He pushed me like a good Dom should. I enjoyed the session with him.”
“On a scale of one to ten, what would you rate him?” Master Coen asked.
She said without hesitation, “I would give him a six.”
A well-built, bald trainer from the other table spoke up. “What would you say is his major weakness, Ms. Taylor?”
She shifted in her spot, making Brie wonder if it was difficult for her to answer. “I didn’t feel like he was reading me as we went. He was so dependent on asking my color that he didn’t notice what should have been obvious.”
The female trainer at the table replied, “I concur with the submissive. Master Allen was oblivious to her discomfort until he asked.”
“Thank you for your observations, Ms. Taylor,” Sir said. “You may kneel.”
Lea immediately settled on the floor in a graceful motion.
Sir addressed Mary next. “Give us your assessment of Mr. Hall’s performance, Miss Wilson.”
Mary answered smugly, “He still has a lot to learn, Sir. The cautious way he used the crop was a complete turn-off. He might as well have hit me with a wet noodle.”
The silence in the room was deafening.
Sir replied with ice in his voice, “Miss Wilson, a respectful evaluation is expected of a submissive. Demeaning your Dom’s performance is neither welcomed nor appropriate.”
Brie felt a chill course through her, even though she was not the one being corrected.
Mary answered meekly, “Sorry, Sir.”
“Reword your statement,” Marquis Gray instructed, his face expressionless.
Mary took a deep breath before starting again. “Lord Hall was not confident with his use of the crop.”
The bald trainer at the other table interjected, “I believe some of the fault lies with you, Miss Wilson. I noticed you were emotionally unreadable, which made you difficult to work with. It surprises me, considering the extensive training you’ve received at this school.”
Brie shuddered at the trainer’s assessment of Mary. She had never thought that by evaluating the training Doms, they might end up inviting negative comments from the Dominant trainers themselves. However, she realized she had been foolish to think otherwise. As submissives, they were always under scrutiny—always.
Ms. Clark challenged Mary by asking, “You started with his weakness, but I would like to know his strengths.”
Mary took quite a while to answer. “He was…good-looking and pounded me decently.”
All eight trainers stared at her without comment.
Mary was failing with her evaluation, so Sir mercifully cut it short. “What would you rate him?”
“A three, maybe four.”
“Since I find your evaluation a waste of our time,” Sir stated, “kneel down and rethink your answers. We will speak after class.”
Mary sank to the floor slowly.
“Miss Bennett,” Sir began, his voice tainted with irritation. Although she knew it wasn’t directed at her, Brie still felt a quelling of her spirit. “How would you evaluate your Dom’s performance?”
“Sir, I would rate Faelan a seven.”
The brawny trainer from the other team jumped on her statement. “Why so high? Explain yourself.”
“I know it may seem odd, considering we did not have intercourse, but it was that very fact that set him apart.” Brie braved a look at the Dominant trainer. “I’m not sure how well I would have handled a more intimate encounter because I’m acquainted with Faelan outside of class. The fact he chose to tease rather than conquer me was shrewd. It left me craving another session with him.”
Ms. Clark asked, “Had he demanded intercourse, would you have complied?”
“Of course,” Brie answered, remembering to keep her eyes lowered when she answered the Dominatrix. “However, it would have been out of obedience, not personal desire.”
Brie heard the woman trainer at the other table remark, “I did find his choice of scene odd, but it makes sense now.”
“Miss Bennett.” Brie looked up, and a distinguished white-haired gentleman nodded to her. “What do you see as a weakness of Mr. Wallace?”
She answered with apprehension, “Although Faelan read me well throughout the scene, he did come across a little overconfident.”
Brie saw the female trainer smile. The fourth man, a striking Native American, replied, “A valid point.” Brie had presumed the bald man was the leader of the panel, but the authoritative way this Dom spoke said differently. He glanced over to Sir. “I think we have what we need from your submissives.”
Sir ordered Brie to kneel. She followed his command as all of the Dominant trainers got up from their table and left the room. Sir followed them out and spoke to the head trainer in the hallway for several minutes. 
It allowed Brie time to reflect on the scene with Faelan. It shocked her that through that short encounter, Blue Eyes had accomplished the one thing she did not want. The light caress of his feather still lingered on her skin, causing goose bumps of desire for the boy.


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