Monday, August 19, 2013

The History of Red Phoenix: A Little Movie Created Especially For Fans!

For the private event I held at the AAD conference, I decided to start with a movie clip about my life. I wanted to share more of my personal side with my fans - a peek into the woman behind the mask...

I hope you enjoy it! 

For some added fun, here are a few pics from the breakfast. It was a wonderful day!

A romantic table setting for my fans!
The swag table with prizes
Here are the books waiting to be signed

Some of Red's Fabulous Fans

The very first fan of my public book signing career - Kisses!


  1. Great video! Would have loved to have met you...perhaps sometime in the future :)

  2. Awesome pics and video Red!!

    ~ Marla

  3. Great to get a glimpse into who Red Phoenix is. Perfect name for a reddy. Love your Brie Series . Love your writing style. Please keep those series coming!