Thursday, June 7, 2012

Play With Me at Noon: A Sexy Tale of Naughty Nooners

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When I wrote Play With Me at Noon, I basically lived out a fantasy of mine. There are certain guy-types we girls can't help dreaming about. Normally, when you marry you give up on experiencing the unique qualities these men bring to the sexual table.

How many of us see the love we once shared for our partner slipping away? Tina makes a desperate attempt to shake things up, hoping to change the course of her failing marriage. She takes fate into her own hands and enjoys the forbidden fruits of five strangers. Sad thing is, what she really wants is to be loved by her husband. The hot, sexy roller coaster ride seems to be going only one way for her - up, up, up. That is until the day her hubby confronts her.

Join Tina on her five-day sexapade in this steamy novelette devoted to finding a path back to the one you love. 

Play With Me at Noon:

Tina needs to feel desirable again and invites five different men in five days to “play” with her - The Construction Worker, The Executive, The Virgin, The Biker, and The Kink. The sex is AMAZING, but what she really desires is to reconnect with her husband. The twist at the end will renew your faith that true love can conquer all.

Extended Description:

Tina is in a sexless marriage. Although she loves her workaholic husband, she longs to feel treasured by him. Out of desperation, she decides to fulfill her fantasies by inviting five different men in five days to “play” with her. Each sexual encounter is steamier than the next, but her husband’s love is what she longs for most. Can their marriage survive the day he finally confronts her?

Adult Reading Material (18+) This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

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