Monday, June 18, 2012

Playing Around with Shelfari

Recently, I was introduced to Amazon's site called Shelfari. It's a place readers can go to review and talk about their favorite books - even add extra details. It also allows the author to interact with the fans and give a little info behind the books.

As a new writer, you learn about websites you never knew existed. I remember how thrilled I was to find my work Sensual Erotica: Loving Amy reviewed on a website called Goodreads. It was so exciting that I took the time to put all of my writing on the site and made some friends there to boot. :)

However, I noticed while looking at the description of the same short story on Amazon that someone had listed all the characters of Loving Amy on the Shelfari site. Imagine a reader so excited about your story that they take the time and effort to list who all the characters are. It totally blew me away. I just wanted to hug the person!

Since then, I have been going through my published work and providing a ridiculously simplified synopsis (140 characters or less) for each one. So much fun! I also include a discussion question to see what readers think about certain issues brought up in the books. Example:

Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis for Loving Amy ~ Boy wants girl. Girl wants boy. Mistletoe gets in the way... 

Discussion Question: Have you ever had someone you wanted, but fate just seemed dead set against it?

Of course, all of this takes time - and time away from writing is precious but I believe it will prove well spent. I am always open to interacting with readers in a new way and having a little fun in the process.

I will post at a later date if I still feel Shelfari is a good investment for authors.

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