Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Does Red Phoenix Write Novelettes?

In reviews, many have asked why Red Phoenix writes novelettes (7,500 - 20,000 words). Some readers are disappointed that they aren't full-length novels.

Well, I have several reasons for preferring novelettes:

1) When I read erotica, I want an engaging story with good characters and a little backstory but not a lot of useless details. (Basically, I want to get hot in a short amount of time.) I've read erotic novels before and had to sift through some boring sections to get to the good stuff.

2)  For me erotica like a poem, concise and to the point.

3) I enjoy writing in the same way (serial publications) as some of the greats like Charles Dickens. The shorts leave you hanging, wanting more... Yum! It also allows for more interactions with the fans as the story unfolds.  * Now don't think for one minute that I am comparing my writing to his, just saying I like the set up.

4) I have a short attention span. These days I prefer reading shorter stories, so it only makes sense that I also enjoy writing them.

5) I want it to be a quick read so people can jump into bed and have a little fun afterwards.

6) Besides, the word "novelette" just sounds cute and sexy. Don't you think? ;)

The simple answer to why Red Phoenix writes novelettes:
 She likes it that way.  

I hope you do, too.


  1. Novelette does sound cute !
    When will Blissfully Broken be released? I thought you said one day this week, but I've lost track, Red.

    P.S. I'm SO glad your novelettes are flying off the shelves at Amazon! Hooray!!!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better. I happen to agree with all of your reasons. I like the shorter length erotica and I have always thought yours were a good length, not too short and not too long. I have read some 'erotic romance' novels that are full length novels and might have one or two steamy parts in the whole book and the story drags and I lose interest. So I think yours are perfect! And I'm ready for more (hint, hint). :)

    Michelle V

  3. Kelly,

    So glad you agree that novelette is just a damn cute word. :) I have not heard from my editor yet. Hope to get Blissfully Broken out by Friday, but we shall see.


    Man, this thing continues to kick my butt. However, I am improving my stomach muscles with all the coughing pneumonia produces. So, whoop???

    Trust me, I am trying to write, just not as productive as I normally am. I have to beat back my muse, because she is like Kate in Sensual Erotica - selfish and relentless.