Monday, June 11, 2012

Tidbits about Red Phoenix

Yes, I wear a mask and I wear it for a reason. As a writer of erotica, I might shock my friends and family if they knew the naughty things that go on in my head.

I am a woman, which is why I write women's erotica. However, I like to write stories from both points of view. I've known men all my life (wink) and always wondered what it would be like to be one. How would it feel to slam your rod into a moist pussy instead of having that rod slam into you? Truthfully, I think it might be quite delicious.

My stories come from past experiences and fantasies I hold dear. Have I done everything I've written about? No. However, what I haven't tried I have researched to find out why women like the particular act and what it feels like to them.  

I am married and have children. Luckily, I partnered up with my soulmate. I am as in love with him now as I was when we first met. He makes me melt when he looks at me a certain way and he never forgets to tell me he loves me. I think all women deserve that.

I have had an... interesting past. People who know me now would not suspect where I have come from. Good or bad, all my experiences have helped me to grow and I am who I am because of the successes and failures. Life is truly a journey and a gift.

Which leads me to my last little tidbit: I have experienced significant loss. It is the reason for the sadness in some of my stories. I know pain, but I also know you can survive it. Mourn yes, but keep moving forward. Don't waste the amazing gift that is you.

~Red Phoenix


  1. I always read your blog, Red, but this is one of my favorite entries. It made me laugh, made me feel a little sad, and lifted my spirits. All the facets of your personality shine brightly in the stories you write. You truly are one of a kind . :)

    On a side note, read a review of one of your books on Amazon, and you were referred to as Mr. Phoenix. Cracked me up, but then I remembered when I thought you were a man. You fool many of us, it seems!!!!

  2. Glad you liked it, Kelly. Thanks for the sweet words. And yes, when I read that review I thought of you. hehehe ;) I have had 4 reviewers think I am a man. I take it as a compliment.

    Now if they saw my face and said that, well...