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Final Day of Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission Online Book Tour - Bonus: SONGS!

We have come to the very end of the tour for Brie Embraces the Heart of Submisssion, I hope you have had an entertaining week with the many interviews, reviews and hand-picked excerpts.

You still have two days to enter for the three prize packages. ** If you missed any of the tour or entering for prizes, click on this link to catch up:

Plus today there is a SPECIAL prize package being given away at Stephanie's Book Reports. There you will find the entire POV. So jump on over to Stephanie's to enter her own rafflecopter, and while you are there leave a little comment about the POV or the tour itself.


* I will be putting The Collaring Ceremony: His POV in an eBook and offering it for FREE on all the major online sites. Last time it took Amazon a while to set it free, so every penny of profit I make from the novella will go to Children's Hospital of Colorado.

This novella is my gift to you, so my thought is that it will be a gift to children fighting for their health until it goes free. It is all about spreading the love!

Winners will be announced next week. Thank you for joining me on my whirlwind tour!

For your pleasure, I am including all of the songs I used to write Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission, along with the reason it added to the storyline. Hugs!

“Something for the Pain” by Redlight King

This song was a go-to for me throughout the Brie series. It speaks to the allure of skillfully delivered pain to take away the anguish when life gets too difficult to bear. I tended to think of Marquis Gray when I listened to the lyricshe started his special brand of “therapy” at a tender young age.

  Wicked Game version by Stone Sour

Oh my goodness, this song was so Faelan (AKA Blue Eyes, Mr. Wallace, the boy…) He totally and completely fell in love with Brie, fighting his way out of his depression to be the person she needed. Unfortunately, he could not accept that she did not return his feelings. It made for a tragic character I adore. I slowly revealed his past and his obsessive personality. All the while, knowing the incredible man locked within the walls of his own hell.

You are Mine by Mute Math

Faelan’s obession of Brie becomes an all-encompassing need so great that it even infiltrates Brie’s dreams. He cannot accept her  final choice of Master at her graduation and begins his pursuit of her outside the Centerdespite the collar around her neck. “You are Mine” perfectly describes his mindset.

Demons by Imagine Dragons

This incredible song speaks to Sir’s anguish. He wants Brie, but believes he is too damaged emotionally to be a good Master to her. Even after the collaring, he struggles with those terrible demons from his past, both living and dead…

 Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

This is totally Brie! Her love and trust of Sir is unwavering. Even though several challenges face the couple, she truly believes they can survive anything together. I love the lyrics “Even if we are six feet underground, I know that we will be safe and sound…” That expressing exactly how she feels. 

   Falling by Mike Posner 

This is Mary’s song to Brie. She has a love/hate relationship with Brie. Part of her longs to have a real relationship with another woman, but she has been hurt too many times to trust anyone. Mary believes that Brie is out to destroy her, but she secretly holds out hope Brie will prove her wrong.

  Ter Cetso by Samvel Yervinyan

When I found this piece of music with the picture of Samvel, I started crying. This is exactly the kind of man I was thinking of when I wrote about Sir’s father. You can see the passion and even the Dom-like look in his eye. But it is at the end of the video that I start to weep. It is as if this is Alonzo’s life if the tragedy had never happened, and the young man he is hugging at the end is Sir. But it blasts apart into tiny pieces because Sir never got that chance.

 Undisclosed Desires by Muse

I feel this song expresses a Dom’s heart for his submissive. An in-tune Dominant can help his sub discover her undisclosed desires while empowering her to overcome her fears. It can be a powerful dynamic and this song expresses it beautifully.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This ballad inspired me whenever I wrote Tono’s scenes. His gentle spirit brings Brie peace, his rope brings her great pleasure. Tono is content just to slow down and “be” with Brie. Unlike Faelan, he respects the sanctity of the collar but his is a love that will never die.


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