Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Third Day of the Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission Online Book Tour!

We are halfway through the tour together! Hope you are enjoying the exclusive Collaring POV as well as the personal insights into the songs I listened to when writing. Today you are treated to a new interview with me! Different questions to expose a little more of Red...

Wednesday November 6th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops:

1) Crystal's Many Reviewers - Excerpt involving Sir "Deny Me Nothing..."

2) Lusty Penguin Reviews - Sexy quoted pics (a fave of mine) and The song I associate with Brie with an excerpt focusing on her lesson with belts!

3) Rustys Reading - Sexy quoted pics and the Excerpt where Sir introduces Brie to Fire Play
4) Read That! - a sweet Book Review fun, fun!
5) Brenda's Book Beat - Mary's Song and an excerpt with the three girls. Don't miss it. :)
6) Mommy's A Book Whore - Entertaining Book Review AND a * Naughty Author Interview *
7)) Sugar & Spice - A yummy review AND ** The third installment of the Collaring POV

** In case you missed it, check out **


Monday November 4th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops

1) Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - shaynareneesspicyreads Sexy quoted Pics, an awesome Book Review AND a favorie song I wrote to as well as an Excerpt  that includes Marquis Gray and Lea. Yum!!!
2) Writers and Readers Book Club (FaceBook) - Promo Post
3) Martini Times - both a Book Review (she's a Tono fan) & a delicious Excerpt of Brie and Master's first night as a couple.

4) Sweets Books - *Author interview* and Song with an Excerpt of Faelan and Brie - he states his need.
5) Love Between the Sheets... ** Collaring Ceremony - His POV (It is finally here!!!)

Tuesday November 5th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops:

1) We Love Kink - Heartfelt Book Review with some of my favorite quoted pics for Brie AG!

2) Mamawolfs Romantic Reads - THE song that reminds me of Faelan and an excerpt of a dream he shares with Brie... Oh my!

3) Rumpled Sheets - Sir's song along with an excerpt of Sir's emotional confession to Brie. 

4) Dirty Books Dirty Boys - Promo Post

5) My Fictional Boyfriend & Book Whore... Lovely Book Review AND ** The second installment of The Collaring Ceremony - His POV!!!
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  1. You are shredding my heart with Sir's POV! Even though I'm on my third reading of the complete series, so I know what happens, these bonus scenes are so touching they make me cry. So well done, Red!