Friday, November 8, 2013

The Fifth Day of Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission Online Book Tour!

Wow, we have made it to the end of the tour, my friends. Today there is so much fun to experience! This is like the dessert to a hearty and delicious meal. You have expressive and heartfelt reviews of the Brie novels, two exclusive interviews - one with me and one with both Brie and Sir (can't miss!), the last of the excerpts I have picked out for you, as well as the final Collaring Ceremony POV. Everything laid out for you like a lovely meal - much like the time Brie became a sexy platter for the party. ;)
* Tomorrow you will be able to see the entire POV as one piece of Stephanie's blog (the wonderwoman who put this whole tour together) and a special gift from me.

1) KaylatheBibliophile - You will find it ALL on this site! An author interview with questions not asked before, an Exclusive Brie and Sir Interview, a ton of delicious quoted pics, AND the most heartfelt reviews I've read of both Brie original and Brie AG! Thank you, Kayla and Sara, this was like a gift not only to the fans but to me. Hugs!
2) Laci Paige -  Tono's song and Excerpt when Tono cares for Brie after she videos Marquis and Lea. "Breathe with me..."    
3) Life Becomes Me: A wonderful Book Review of Brie!
4) Angie Johnson - Detailed Book Review of EACH novella (Wow!) AND ** The fourth installment of the Collaring Ceremony POV!


** In case you missed it, check out **


Monday November 4th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops

1) Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - shaynareneesspicyreads Sexy quoted Pics, an awesome Book Review AND a favorie song I wrote to as well as an Excerpt  that includes Marquis Gray and Lea. Yum!!!
2) Writers and Readers Book Club (FaceBook) - Promo Post
3) Martini Times - both a Book Review (she's a Tono fan) & a delicious Excerpt of Brie and Master's first night as a couple.

4) Sweets Books - *Author interview* and Song with an Excerpt of Faelan and Brie - he states his need.
5) Love Between the Sheets... ** Collaring Ceremony - His POV (It is finally here!!!)

Tuesday November 5th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops:

1) We Love Kink - Heartfelt Book Review with some of my favorite quoted pics for Brie AG!

2) Mamawolfs Romantic Reads - THE song that reminds me of Faelan and an excerpt of a dream he shares with Brie... Oh my!

3) Rumpled Sheets - Sir's song along with an excerpt of Sir's emotional confession to Brie. 

4) Dirty Books Dirty Boys - Promo Post

5) My Fictional Boyfriend & Book Whore... Lovely Book Review AND ** The second installment of The Collaring Ceremony - His POV!!!

Wednesday November 6th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops:

1) Crystal's Many Reviewers - Excerpt involving Sir "Deny Me Nothing..."

2) Lusty Penguin Reviews - Sexy quoted pics (a fave of mine) and The song I associate with Brie with an excerpt focusing on her lesson with belts!

3) Rustys Reading - Sexy quoted pics and the Excerpt where Sir introduces Brie to Fire Play
4) Read That! - a sweet Book Review fun, fun!
5) Brenda's Book Beat - Mary's Song and an excerpt with the three girls. Don't miss it. :)
6) Mommy's A Book Whore - Entertaining Book Review AND a * Naughty Author Interview *
7)) Sugar & Spice - A yummy review AND ** The third installment of the Collaring POV 

Thursday November 7th 2013 Book Tour Blog Stops

1) Liberty Ann's SnifferWalk Books -  Fun Book Review, quoted pics and a hot little scene with Sir pursuing Brie to the island.

2) Pretty Girls Read Books - The trailer and the song I associate with Sir's father with an excerpt of their island time together - Sizzling!

3) Reading by the Book -  Excerpt with Brie tasting Sir's YUM

4) A Book Whores Obsession - You know you want to read it... Excerpt with Sir, Brie and Rytsar in Russia!
5) Ana'a Attic Book Blog - Humorous Book Review AND ** The fourth installment of the Collaring Ceremony POV!
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  1. I love Sir so much....Day 5's POV was even better than I could expect! It is a little bittersweet though. I know there is a new Dom/Domme series coming but I am gonna miss adventures with Brie and Sir and their connection/love. All good things must come to and end....and what a wonderful end it was. Thanks Red for sharing with us! You are truly amazing!

  2. I love the Brie series, every month I couldn't wait for the next book. Now it's over I'm a little lost. I do hope Red writes about Brie's wedding in another book. Just wishful thinking, but it would be cool. I also hope that the collaring ceremony is put into a small book. Also I would lime to see a few more scenes taken from site's pov.