Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love Endures, Phoenix - The First of the Love Endures series by Michelle Stevens AKA Red Phoenix

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I am thrilled to get this novella out on New Year's Eve!

The Phoenix series is one that is dear to my heart because it shares some of my greatest joys and sorrows in a fictional setting. I wrote the series to encourage others that no matter how great the loss, you can survive and every day is precious.

Love Endures continues Beth's journey as she rebuilds her life. New challenges and new joys await her. This is the perfect book to begin the new year!

Love Endures, Phoenix:

Find out what happens to Beth after the flames…

This first novelette of Phoenix's 'Love Endures' series explores Beth’s courage as she faces a new season in her life. Despite the obstacles that lie ahead, she is determined to embrace life supported by Scott’s love - a love that endures. Her journey is marked by healing, intrigue and forgiveness. However, her best friend Angie hides a terrible truth and Glenn, Scott’s longtime friend, holds challenging secrets of his own.

Extended Description:

In this continuation of the Phoenix series, Beth finds herself in new territory. Angie’s secret and Glenn’s past will test the bonds of both friendships. In the midst of rebuilding a new life with her son, Beth finds she must confront her greatest fear - facing the man who shattered her spirit. She is fated to meet this challenge with courage.

For you see, a Phoenix is destined to rise from the ashes.

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